5 Reasons Why Your Aircon Condenser Is Making Noise


If you want to enjoy a better time in Singapore, air conditioning is the perfect choice for your home. As we all know, Singapore is a tropical country that never snows, so the weather will be as hot as other Asian countries. In such hot conditions, it is a good thing to have air conditioning in the home, because most people are struggling to cope with the extreme temperatures in the country. But sometimes it is very annoying to use the air conditioner condenser as a home, because it tends to produce annoying noise.

Maybe many of us want to know what an air conditioner condenser is. Well, the air-conditioning condenser is one of the main components of the air-conditioning unit, which helps to cool the steam passing through the compressor. Usually it looks like an ordinary coil. This type of air conditioner condenser is used not only for air conditioners, but also for refrigerators.

Sometimes the condenser of the air conditioner becomes very noisy, and many people don’t understand why the condenser makes such noise. ¬†Please visit Singapore aircon servicing company for more information. Here are 5 reasons why the condenser of the air conditioner makes noise:

  1. If the efficiency of the air conditioning unit decreases, it is not uncommon for the air conditioning condenser to make noise.
  1. Compressor overheating may also be another reason, because the compressor is considered to be the heart of the air conditioning unit, and overheating may cause it to malfunction. Even under the ideal conditions in this case, it can work normally, but when a leak occurs, the compressor will malfunction early. In this case, the compressor needs to be completely replaced. If the air conditioning unit is damaged, the entire condensing unit needs to be replaced, which is very costly.
  1. Low gas levels may be another cause of noise from the air conditioner condenser. Because, when the gas level is low, the evaporator coil may freeze. In this case, there will be occasional noise after a period of damage.
  1. Fan blades are very important in air conditioning. Sometimes this fan blade is bent, because it is bent, it will eventually sweep through the condenser, eventually causing the air conditioner condenser to make a very loud and annoying noise.
  1. The last reason for the loud noise of the air conditioner condenser is that the compressor is blocked. These restrictions can be caused in a variety of ways. Sometimes because the temperature is very low, the water produced by the compressor will freeze. When the water channel of the air conditioner condenser is opened, when it becomes a major blockage, a lot of noise will be produced.

So here are 5 reasons why your air conditioner condenser is making a lot of noise.

In this case, the best thing you can do is to ask an experienced mechanic to repair it. Although if you have the experience and knowledge, it takes a short time to solve such problems, but the mechanic can still do the best.

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