Larenz Tate Talks His New Film business “Ethics movie”


Our interview with Larenz Tate was released on Thanksgiving weekend. Tate spoke with Koku Tona,’s correspondent, about his film business ethics movie. It is available on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Google Play. Tate also discusses the importance of family, how it has kept him grounded, his brothers and their presence in Hollywood with TateMen Entertainment. Tate also talks about his superpower of staying youthful and the influence of his Chicago roots as well as the bonds he made over the years in Los Angeles.

The Business Ethics Movie 

Tate also hinted at a possible TV Series with Laurence Fishburne, based on their podcast Bronzeville! We are grateful for all he has done! He is always positive and a joy to talk with. We’d love to hear from you in the comments! The wenatchee craigslist business ethics movie is written by Richard Wernham. It was directed by Nick Wernham. It tells the story of Zachery Cranston, a greedy and unmoral financial tycoon who will do anything to reach the top. Cranston, a recent graduate of business school seems to have everything he needs to be successful in the financial world. Cranston is driven by ambition and finds himself lured in to the finance world by a new, dramatic idea. The film won the Audience Choice Film Award at 2019 Newark International Film Festival.

The film will officially launch on October 23, 2020. Pre-orders will be open for the film on September 23, 2020.

Sanzhar Sultan, Innis Lake Entertainment produced the film. Fisher Park will distribute it in the USA, while TateMen Entertainment will drive the marketing efforts to reach audiences directly.

TATEMEN ENTERTAINMENT, a Los Angeles-based multimedia production company, was founded by Larenz Tate and Lahmard Tate. Back To The Goode Life and Deuces are their latest films. Their audio series Bronzeville, which has been downloaded over 20 million times, is now available on iTunes.

Larenz Tate punishes the wealthy

Tate portrays Zachery Cranston, a business graduate who has aspirations to start his own hedge fund and eventually a Ponzi scheme. Cranston is not a fool in the movie on business ethics.

It works. He was surprised to find that he could get people’s cash. It’s not just a small amount of money, it’s multi-millions. One thing leads to another, and he continues down the rabbit hole of scamming people.

What could go wrong? Tate stated that Cranston is under pressure to hide his lies because he feels it. He will do whatever it takes to hide his tracks.”

Tate had a rare chance to make a movie about business ethics.

Tate pointed out that Tate was struck by an interesting aspect of Tate’s story: the moral question of money changing a person’s core. The film explores the notion of rules and what you can do with your wealth.