How to Tow a Car Long Distance


Moving to another state can be stressful. You will need to find a way to move your car from the place you have moved to, even if you have rented a van. Although it might seem daunting, towing your car can be done safely and with care. Long Distance Towing from California, one of the most trusted car shipping companies in America, is something you should consider. If you are unable to tow your car yourself, a company that offers long-distance towing is an option. Although it might be the most convenient way to have someone drive your car for you, this may not be possible.

A dolly is a tool that can be used to transport your car.

Car carries and car dollies can be rented from rental companies. Dollies are less expensive and more convenient to tow your vehicle. However, they can only be used on vehicles that have front-wheel drive and can pull the required pulling weights. Car carrier lifts the car off the ground and is recommended for larger vehicles with 4-wheel drive.

Choose the right truck for you

You can make your load easier by choosing a small truck that can carry your items and tow your car. When you’re pulling, you cannot have any items in your car. Your belongings must fit into your moving truck.

Keep it slow

Drive slowly when you are driving on highways with a loaded moving vehicle and an attached car. With all that weight, you will experience slow acceleration and may find it difficult to change lanes. You can maneuver on the slow lane while carrying a heavy load.

Hook up, and unhook

It is a good idea to hook your car up to the truck’s edge and then load it on the moving dolly. The city can be difficult to navigate while towing a truck. To avoid traffic jams and to maneuver on narrower roads, it is easier to drive on roads with less traffic.

Don’t waste time braking

You must remember that you’re driving a truck and towing another car. Therefore, you need to allow more space between you and the vehicles in front. In an emergency, you need to have enough space and time to stop quickly.

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