International Medical Group’s Travel “Lite Insurance”

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US residents on Domestic and international Trips Lite Insurance

Expensive Lite Insurance for trip cancellation and interruption

  • Maximum trip duration: 180 days
  • Maximum age to be insured: 99
  • Pre-existing condition review period: 60 days

Premium refund: Cancel your plan within 10 days of the effective date. As long as you haven’t filed a claim and your trip departure date has not been set, there will be a full refund.

The minimum trip cost that must be insured is $200

  • Maximum Trip Cost to be Insured: $25,000
  • Type of coverage: Secondary/Excess
  • IMG Travel Lite Insurance – 2022 Review
  • IMG offers three types of travel insurance:
  • IMG Travel Lite
  • IMG Travel SE
  • IMG Travel LX

This article explains IMG Travel Lite Insurance more in depth

This comprehensive, budget-friendly trip health insurance plan is suitable for international travel.

Travel Lite offers strong protection to travelers who are concerned about losing their trip investment in case of trip cancellation or interruption.

The program offers benefits for travel delay and baggage loss, delay in baggage arrival, baggage delay, travel assistance, and travel assistance.

About IMG Insurance

IMG (International Medical Group) was established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1990.

AM Best gave IMG Travel Insurance an “A-Excellent” rating for its financial strength. The plans are underwritten by United States Fire auto insurance Company.

They are an experienced, full service insurance company and one of America’s fastest-growing travel insurance companies.

All their travel assistance, insurance, claims and administrative services are done in-house.

IMG Travel Lite Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption

IMG Travel Lite protects your travel arrangements with Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption.

Trip Cancellation is available up to the day before departure. If you have to cancel your trip, Trip Interruption will reimburse you for any portion that was not used.

An interruption covered by obligation insurance can be used to reimburse the cost of transportation back home up to 25%.

IMG Travel Lite offers 100% reimbursement for these Trip Cancellation or Interruption Reasons

Unforeseen illness or injury, hospitalization or death of a traveler or family member, traveling companion’s or business partner

Pregnancy complications

Hospitalization for mental, nervous or psychological conditions

*Financial default or bankruptcy of a cruise line, common carrier, or tour operator (doesn’t include travel agencies)

NOAA hurricane warning

  • Accidents involving traffic on the way to or from destination
  • Common carrier mechanical breakdowns or equipment failure
  • Shutdown of an airport or air traffic control because of fire, power outage or security breach, civil disorder or riot or government orders
  • Strike of common carrier

Inclement Weather

  • Natural disasters, vandalism, and burglary can render your residence or destination inaccessible.
  • *Mandatory evacuation in case of severe weather or natural catastrophe
  • Hijacking, Quarantine, Jury Duty, Subpoena
  • Terrorism
  • Documented theft of visas and passports
  • Indicates a Time Sensitive benefit

What is IMG Travel Light Cancel for Work Reason?

  • IMG Travel Lite also offers extensive Cancel For Work Reasons.
  • These circumstances will result in the policy covering 100% of the cost of your trip.
  • Involuntary termination or layoff
  • Revocation by the employer of vacation Lite Insurance
  • Transfer employees
  • Merger of employers
  • Natural disasters at the job site
  • First responder and military activation for aid following a natural catastrophe
  • Revocation of military leave

IMG Travel Lite Medical Insurance – How Much Do I Need?

You can be anywhere, even away from your home.

AARDY encourages all travelers to abroad to have at least $100,000 in medical insurance before leaving the United States.

IMG Travel Lite offers $100,000 Medical Insurance per Traveler.

This coverage is typically provided by mid-level travel insurance. IMG Travel Lite offers both Medical Insurance and Evacuation coverage.

Traveling outside the US is not covered by standard health insurance. You could be charged a lot for leaving your network.

Medicare also denies reimbursement for treatment outside of the country.

Medicare supplements may Lite Insurance include a lifetime limit for treatment abroad of $50,000. It must not be life-threatening.

You also have to pay a 20% coinsurance, deductible and copay. You pay 100% of the cost if your medical care is more expensive.

IMG Travel Lite Emergency Medical Evacuation Returns You Home

AARDY recommends that anyone who travels overseas purchase at least $250,000 for Medical Evacuation, especially seniors.

IMG Travel Lite offers twice the amount, which is $500,000 This is a major benefit for any type of travel insurance plan, but even more for a “Lite” plan.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Lite Insurance

  • Transfers you to the nearest hospital from the place of injury or illness
  • If the first hospital is unable to properly treat you, transfer you to another hospital
  • Medical repatriation allows you to return home after being away.
  • Repatriation of remains included
  • Transport for family members who are sick

Children’s chaperones and transport back to their homes

Because a private medical jet can be expensive at $15,000 to $25,000 an hour, it is important that there are no substantial Medical Evacuation Limits.

Evacuation can easily cost anywhere from $125,000 to $250,000 in Europe and Central America Lite Insurance.

Alternativly, evacuations from Africa or Asia, Australia, and other remote areas cost between $300,000 and $500,000.

The US State Department recommends that all travelers purchase trip chinas insurance with Medical Evacuation, as they don’t provide any medical assistance.


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