Palomino Trout: The Swimming Banana!

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On a Colorado trip, I was the first to see a Palomino trout. Palominos were not something I’d seen before, despite being a NY Catskills resident. Although I was captivated by the odd-looking fish, I was unable to catch it. My curiosity got the better of me so I began researching the Palomino to see if I could catch one.

The Palomino trout and the Oncorhynchus Mykiss are cross-breeding craigslist greenville sc Rainbow trout with West Virginia Golden trout. This is not to be confused for the native Golden Trout from California. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commissions stated that the golden rainbow trout was created from one single rainbow trout, which was spawned in West Virginia in the fall 1954. The trout’s color was a mixture of normal pigmented and golden tissue. The offspring of this cross with a normally-pigmented rainbow trout were lighter in color.

Palomino Trout

Some argue that the palomino trout is different from the golden rainbow trout. Some claim that the palomino has a lighter color than the gold rainbow trout, or is just less healthy. They may be called “lightning trout” depending on where they live in the United States.

The Palomino trout grow quickly and are said to be stronger than the typical rainbow trout. According to Pennsylvania’s state record, they can grow up to 30 inches in length and 13 pounds in weight. Based on my silver wolf experience, I can tell you that the Palomino I caught was tougher than any rainbow trout I’ve ever caught in this size range. Can reproduce, unlike the famous hybrid tiger trout. Information on Palomino trout’s reproduction in the wild is not available. The hatcheries don’t seem to have much success with the offspring. It would be a little bother to be visible right away.

These trout are part large stocking programs in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The stockings are usually done early in the fishing season, and the Dirt Cheap Cars bright yellow trout are most often caught between the beginning and middle of summer. Because they stand out in a lake or river, it is easy to imagine that they are fished heavily.

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