Compare Embrace and “Petco Pet Insurance”


Petco Pet Insurance has a limited number of deductible options. This can make it difficult to find a policy that suits your needs. It’ll also be harder to enjoy the full benefits of their wellness plan each year due to its itemized limits. Embrace also offers the industry’s highest diminishing deductible – something Petco Pet Insurance does not offer.

1. Petco Pet Insurance has Itemized Restrictions for Wellness Plans

Insurance has established limits for their wellness programs. You lose the funds if you don’t use them in the designated categories. Wellness Rewards is an optional non-insurance product offered by Embrace that reimburses everyday vet, grooming and training expenses with no limit.

2. Embrace Offers More Deduction Options that Work with your Budget

Insurance offers only $100, $250 and $500 deductible options. This can make it difficult to find the best plan. Embrace has a wide range of deductible options that can be as high as $1,000 to make sure you find the right plan for you and your pet.

3. Embrace has a Shorter Waiting Period than Petco Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance offers a 15-day waiting time for illnesses and accidents. To get you covered sooner, Embrace offers a 14-day waiting time for illnesses and a two-day waiting for accidents.

4. Petco Pet Insurance Does Not Cover Medical waste Fees

Although this charge is not usually a significant part of the vet bill it can add up if pets need to be seen every other week or monthly. This coverage is included in Embrace’s policy at no additional cost.

5. Embrace Covers Racing, Working, & Guarding Activities

Insurance does not cover injuries or illnesses that a pet suffers while racing, guarding, or working with law enforcement. Embrace will provide coverage as long as your pet is not involved in these activities.

6. Embrace offers the industry’s best diminishing deduction feature

Embrace’s Healthy Pet deductible automatically reduces your pet’s annual deductible by $50 for every year that you do not receive insurance-claim reimbursement. This option is available with all policies at no additional cost.

7. Petco Pet Insurance does not include Dental Illness coverage

Insurance doesn’t cover dental illness. This must be purchased at an additional charge. The dental rider does not cover crowns, crown amputations or fillings. Embrace provides coverage for dental illness under our accident and sickness insurance policy, up to $1,000 per policy-year.

8. Embrace Offers More Payment Options

Petco Pet Insurance does not accept credit cards or debit cards. This limits the options for paying premiums. Embrace accepts payments via credit card, debit cards, or directly from your savings or checking account.