Standards for Insurance and Mental Health


ABI Mental Health Standards

These Mental Health Standards are intended to give clear guidance to travel and health insurers in meeting the needs of people with mental health issues.

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The Insurance Industry’s Contribution

Insurance companies have made significant progress in ensuring that people with pre-existing mental conditions can get insurance. It is encouraging that most people with a mental illness are able to obtain affordable insurance coverage. The industry continues to improve its support for those with mental illnesses.

The ABI and its members engaged with mental health charities to understand the needs and advocate for those suffering from mental illness. They also recognized that there were steps that could be taken to improve customer communications, transparency, and access to insurance.

These Standards continue the positive work that the industry has already done. Some of these actions are intended to increase industry consistency and raise the bar. These actions enable individual firms to adapt their underwriting strategies to suit their unique needs and allow them to create new, innovative propositions.

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A section called “Question and answer” has been published by the ABI to provide more information on each action and their sentiments in order to make sure they are fully understood.

These Standards will allow us to continue to achieve fair consumer outcomes for people with mental illnesses. They also highlight the importance of insurance products in providing support services for those with mental disorders. These services include assistance programmes, access treatments, and wellness services. They are designed to keep policyholders healthy and allow them to return to work if they become ill.

ABI members agree to adhere to the following Standards and support actions.

  • These are the Standards
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Application process: asking appropriate questions,
  • Clarity and empathy are key to communicating decisions and covering.

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ABI members and all other non-ABI member insurances that sign up are expected to have implemented the Standards by 31 December 2021. ABI members and their members will continue to work with mental health charities to better understand the impact of the Standards for customers who have had a history with mental illness. Standards for Insurance and Mental Health

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  • [1] The Mental Health Standards apply to individuals who are underwritten by providers.
  • [2] Insurers may refuse to offer individual coverage if they are not comfortable with the risk.
  • [3] These Standards are not required for ABI membership, but ABI members and other relevant persons are encouraged to use them to support individuals with mental health issues.