Tips for Newbie Truck Drivers


You’re now ready to go and feel confident enough to drive a truck on the open road. It’s normal to be nervous about the task ahead. Mx logistics Regional Truck Driver Jobs has been able to successfully manage logistics for businesses in many different industries. Mx solutions for logistics are customised to address unique industry issues with sophisticated coordination and special handling.

The technical aspects of driving a heavy truck can seem daunting, even with the best training. Long-haul truck drivers can find it difficult to travel long distances alone.

We have the top tips you need to survive in truck driving.

Limit the consumption of fast food

As a truck driver, it can be easy to live off roadside food and neglect your physical health. You need to eat well to keep your eyes open and alert. But make sure you eat healthy foods. If you are able to, bring healthy snacks along or shop at local stores.

For long trips, make sure you have a plan for your fitness

Your physical health can be affected by truck driving. The truck driver sits in the same place all day, often for long and tiring hours. You could feel very ordinary if you don’t take regular breaks to stretch and rest your eyes.

You should take your required breaks (truckies must follow the break times strictly) to learn basic exercises to help you relax. To get blood flowing in areas where circulation is slow, neck rolls and lunges can be great.

Make sure you are familiar with your company’s safety procedures.

You should know all safety procedures at work if you are a new truck driver. Don’t be surprised if you don’t know any of these safety protocols. If you have any questions or are in a sticky situation, the OH&S department can quickly become your friend. Safety is the most important thing about your new job.

Start off on the right track with your peers

Every job is an opportunity to show your best. This is especially true for new truck drivers. You must be punctual, polite, and prompt to all those you work with. Also, you should always present your best self on the road. Unhappy customers could lodge a complaint against you and it could be a problem with the top-ranking people upstairs. When you have the opportunity to be promoted, it is important that you work hard and listen to all instructions.

Get enough sleep

No matter what occupation you hold, sleep is essential. Lack of sleep can cause sluggishness and headaches, slow reactions and reflexes and impaired immunity system, as well as hallucinations and sluggishness. Truck drivers are required to sleep enough between shifts. Being sleep deprived can cause serious injury and even death.

Before you reverse, stop and look.

This tip is a top tip that many truck drivers pass on to their newcomers. It can be difficult to reverse a heavy truck. Make sure you have all your facts at hand before you back up. It is better to be safe than to have to explain to your boss why your truck is damaged.