Tips To Choose Health Insurance As A Travel Nurse


Nurse First provides health insurance plans to our customers. If you’re interested in joining one of the plans we offer, or prefer selecting your own policy independent from us – here are some helpful hints and strategies on finding health coverage when traveling as a nurse. My Private Health Insurance has been operating since 2016 and pride themselves in offering travel nurse health insurance service in the insurance industry, while still providing personalized attention and an enjoyable one-on-one experience for their members.

Consider The Co-Pay

Your insurance policy will break up the costs associated with hospital or doctor’s visits into metal tiers that correspond with different treatment costs, including bronze, gold, silver and platinum. Bronze provides the lowest monthly fee and most expensive treatment costs while platinum offers both higher premiums per month as well as lowest treatment costs; insurance company pays up to 60% of bronze level fees, 70% on silver level fees and 90% for gold levels but still leaves other percentages outstanding to be covered by you as payment.

Selecting the ideal type for you depends entirely upon how much of an amount you’d be comfortable paying towards insurance each month without incurring a debt to an insurance provider. If paying more each month can result in reduced medical and hospital visits, higher levels may be best.

Look Into Travel-Specific Insurance

Travelers working across multiple states may have difficulty adhering to a network plan. While you may find providers within that network that can meet their care needs while travelling between North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida – make sure you confirm coverage before signing up! Also research options available in each state you visit before making your choice.

If you prefer health insurance plans that are tailored specifically to travel, companies like World Nomads offer plans with comprehensive coverage while traveling between states. World Nomads also provides assistance with transportation should it become necessary.

Consider Coverage Length

Short breaks between nursing assignments can present insurance plans with difficulties, so ensure your plan will still provide benefits despite an absence of work. Travel and accident plans such as those mentioned earlier could provide protection while searching for your next assignment – nurse first offers these as well. Don’t fret too much if finding another assignment takes more time; Nurse First allows travelers to remain covered under our plan even after being on one for at least four weeks; giving plenty of time for you to move safely between facilities.

Reach Out To Your Travel Nurse Agency

If you’re uncertain of your health insurance options, don’t be alarmed; many others have been there! For the best approach to health coverage and advice regarding plans to meet them, the travel nurse agency recruiters are on hand to assist. A recruiter can address your queries and recommend one best suited to meet your individual requirements.

Three Health Insurance Options for Travel Nurses

Short-term health insurance

Short-term medical insurance provides nurses on the road with a great health coverage option: this policy protects individuals for specified timespan, making it perfect for traveling nurses who only remain at each location for a limited amount of time. Plans are affordably priced and can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. In addition, coverage can be selected based on whether work has taken less or more time than anticipated. Short-term health insurance provides flexible and affordable protection for nurses who travel. When considering this kind of policy, be sure to compare various plans until one fits your requirements perfectly; consult an authorized agent for more details about short-term use health insurance plans.

Individual and family health insurance

Health insurance plans that comply with ACA standards can also be an option for nurses traveling. You can purchase such policies either through or private firms, providing coverage for you and your family while you’re on assignment – and oftentimes these will be less costly than health coverage through an employer. Make sure you compare costs prior to making any purchasing decisions!

Agency-provided health insurance

As previously discussed, travel nurses aren’t permanent employees in hospitals; instead they contract with travel agencies to serve for either weeks or months at one hospital before being transferred elsewhere. Many travel nurse agencies provide health insurance to their staff, which can save both money and time when searching for coverage on your own; some agencies even offer group policies available to all their employees that could offer better coverage than other plans; but even though this might sound appealing at first, it might not provide the perfect coverage.