What Vitamins Really Work for Erectile Dysfunction?


Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for males today. It can be caused by their lifestyle, or a medical condition. Vitamins for erectile disorder are becoming more popular because of this reason. Before we get into that, let us first discuss the definition of erectile disorder. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to conceive or sustain erection. This dysfunction can be caused by a variety of factors, including unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and diseases in the elderly. Erectile dysfunction is most common in middle-aged people. If you’re looking for an online pharmacy with mail order delivery, Canada Drugs Direct can help you find your medicine online and will ship it to your door. As a Certified Member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, we recognize the importance of having access to convenient and cost-effective medications.

These men are looking for vitamins to treat erectile dysfunction. Many opportunists profit from this increasing demand and sell or market fake vitamins that claim to have positive effects on impotence.

These are just a few examples of vitamins believed to have positive effects upon erectile dysfunction.

DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is said to be effective when it comes to combating impotence. Low blood levels of DHEA are common in males experiencing problems with erection. A study was done with 40 men who had low levels of DHEA. Half of the men were given 50mg DHEA, while the other half received placebos. These results showed that the vitamin for erectile problems works. There are still questions about the safety of this vitamin. Be aware before you take this vitamin.

Argonine is another vitamin that can be used to treat erectile dysfunction. An amino acid, arginine, affects the production nitric oxygen. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, nitric oxide is essential. It opens blood vessels to allow blood to flow more easily and causes an erection. A second experiment was conducted to determine if men have erectile dysfunction. The first trial lasted two weeks and 15 men consumed 2800 mg of Argonine per day. Six of the men experienced improvement in their erection. Participants had to consume 1670 mg of argonine daily in the second trial, which was larger and lasted 6 weeks. These results showed that men with abnormal metabolisms of nitric dioxide will experience a greater benefit from this vitamin for erectile disorder than men who have normal metabolisms. There isn’t yet any data on the effectiveness of arginine. However, many studies have shown that arginine is most likely to help men with erectile problems.

Combining one kind of L-carnitine, propionyl-L-carnitine, and acetyl-L-carnitine is the another vitamin for erectile dysfunction. This is useful for older men suffering from erectile dysfunction due to low testosterone levels. These vitamins should be taken in 2 grams per vitamin. These vitamins are more effective in increasing testosterone levels than low-level testosterone medications.

Pycnogenol is the last vitamin that may help with erectile dysfunction. It’s found in Pinus pinaster (a type of tree). This could improve your sexual interaction with your partner if you take 120 mg each day.

Erectile dysfunction should not be feared or shamed. There are many options available to help you beat it or get over it.