Things to Do in New “Culture Of Delhi”


New Culture Of Delhi, India’s capital, is well-known for its vibrant mix of colours, sights, and sounds. It makes any visit to the city an unforgettable experience. The city is alive with energy and enthusiasm and offers a wide range of exciting and amusing activities that you should try at least once in your lifetime. We have compiled a list of the top things you must see and do in the city.

Visiting Akshardham Temple is a great way to expand your mind and awaken your inner self. Akshardham Temple is more than a temple. It is a magnificent masterpiece of architecture and craftsmanship, carved with the help of over 7000 artisans. It is a collection of intricately carved stories featuring musicians, deities, dancers, flora, and faunas that Culture Of Delhi depict traditional and Hindu culture as well as spirituality, architecture, and spirituality. A boat ride takes you through the exhibit on Swaminarayan’s life. There is also an IMAX theatre showing a film about Swaminarayan the teenage yogi. This makes a temple visit a multifaceted one.

National Gallery of Modern Art

For art lovers, the National Gallery of Modern Art should be a must-see. The National Gallery of Modern Art has low entry fees and is easy to access on a tight budget. The National Gallery of Modern Art features artists from all over the globe and displays modern art as far back 1857. This institute is committed to protecting and maintaining the integrity of art. The gallery is housed in the stunning Jaipur House. This building was once the palace of the Maharajah, Jaipur.

Paintball Co.

The Paintball Co. is the perfect place to have fun and teach your team the importance of teamwork and cooperation. The Paintball Co. was awarded the title of “Best Adventure Sports Company in Delhi-NCR” and is dedicated to making India a leader in paintball. It offers paintball, as well as other adventure sports. It is one of the most fun places in New Delhi to spend quality time.

Kingdom of Dreams

The Kingdom of Dreams is home to Bollywood, Bollywood, and Bollywood. Two theatres are part of the Kingdom of Dreams: Nautanki Mahal theatre and Showshaa theater. Both of these theatres stage spectacular performances and great shows that will thrill you with their many stories, talents, and surprises. It is a great place to watch movies and theatre, and it has a whole area that will make your taste buds take off – The Culture Gully. This is India’s first entertainment and leisure destination and a must-see.

Shankar’s International Doll Museum

Famous cartoonist Mr. K. Shankar Pillai traveled the globe as a cartoonist. A Hungarian diplomat gifted him a doll as a gift one day while he was returning to India. He was captivated by the doll’s uniqueness and began to keep every doll that he received or brought from other parts of the globe. He was so captivated by their beauty that he began exhibiting his collection to children. Today, the Shankar’s International Doll Museum houses 6500 dolls from Pillai and other contributors from around the globe.

Nehru Planetarium Culture Of Delhi

Nehru Planetarium can make your dreams come true if you are intrigued by the concept of wormholes and the possibility of a parallel universe or the mysteries behind blackholes. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister in India. The planetarium was named in his honour. He worked tirelessly to promote astronomy education in India. The Nehru Planetarium offers a fun and educational Culture Of Delhi experience with interactive devices that educate visitors about the planet Earth as well as the wider world. Nehru Planetarium’s star attraction is the Sky Theatre. This dome-shaped theatre allows you to take a 3-D ride through the galaxies and constellations.

The National Rail Museum Culture Of Delhi

The National Rail Museum, India’s rail heritage museum, was opened for the first time on February 1, 1977. The Fairy Queen, the oldest steam locomotive still in use, is on display. There are also many other stream engines that have traveled throughout India. You can take a train ride through the Rail Museum and enjoy the view of the locomotives, coaches, and trains outside.