Print Culture And The Modern World

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The French Revolution and Print Culture And The Modern World

Social Science Class 10 Notes In China, Japan, and Korea, the earliest form of printing technology was invented.

Print culture and the modern world in China 

First printed books China ‘s thriving urban culture led to the diversification of China’s print use in the 17th century.

Print in Japan

Hand printing technology was introduced to Japan by Buddhist missionaries from China. The Buddhist ‘Diamond Sutra’ is the oldest Japanese book ever printed.

Inflation in Book Demand

Because of this, the demand for books has increased.

Book fairs were held in different locations.

Handwritten manuscript production was also reorganised to meet increased demand.

The skilled hand-writing or scribe profession was not only used by the wealthy and influential, but also by more booksellers.

The Print Revolution and Its Impact.

Each book was produced in a shorter time frame.

A new reading public was created by the printing press. A reading public was born, thanks to a reduction in the cost of books.

Orally, knowledge was passed. Before the advent of printing books were expensive and could not be printed in sufficient quantities.

The transition was not easy. The only way to read books was by being literate. In most European crematories, literacy rates were low. Oral culture therefore entered print. The public hearing and the reading were merged.

The fear of printing and religious debates

  1. Print enabled wide dissemination of ideas.
  2. They could persuade people through the printed message to think differently, and this has significant implications in every sphere of life.
  3. Many people were concerned about the possible effects of easier access to information and wider distribution of books on minds.
  4. This would mean that the authority of ‘valuable literature’, which is expressed by religious monarchs and religious authorities, as well many writers and artists, would be removed.
  5. The reformation was possible because of the creation of a new intellectual environment.
  6. Print the most popular ideas from the Enlightenment thinkers. Their writings collectively provided a critique or tradition, superstition, and despotism.
  7. Print created a new culture that encouraged dialogue and debate. A public that was aware of the power and potential of reason began to reevaluate and discuss all values, forms, and institutions.
  8. In 1780s England, there was a flood of literature mocking the royals and criticising their morality. It raised questions about the social order.
  9. Print facilitates the dissemination of ideas. People didn’t read one type of literature. People were exposed to both monarchic and church propaganda if they read Voltaire or Rousseau’s ideas.
  10. Although print did not influence their thinking, it opened up new possibilities.

The Nineteenth Century (Women).

  1. Primary education was made compulsory in the late nineteenth century. Many new readers were mainly women.
  2. Women were important readers and writers. As were manuals that taught proper housekeeping and behaviour, penny magazines were made especially for women.
  3. The nineteenth century saw the rise of lending libraries in England for lower-middle-class people. Sometimes, self-educated Print Culture And The Modern World working classes people wrote for their own benefit. Women were considered important readers. Jane Austin, George Eliot, and the Bronte sisters were just a few of the most well-known novelists. Their writings helped define a new kind of woman.

India print culture and the modern world

In the middle of 16th century, Portuguese Missionaries brought with them the printing press to India.

In 1579 BC, the first Tamil Book was printed in Cochin.

The Weekly Magzine “Bengal Gazette” was published in 1780 BC.

In Calcutta, 1810 BC, Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas was published for the first time.

In 1821-22 BC, many newspapers were published in different languages.

Hindi Printing began seriously in 1870 BC.


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