Northland Travel: Made the Right Decision

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Northland Travel made the Right Decision: They have a new Home!

A new home is available for the place that makes dreams come to life. Northland Travel moved from Crossroads Mall, to the Friendship Haven campus at 420 Kenyon Road. The agency used to have a satellite office at Friendship Haven. It is now its headquarters.

Rhonda Strutzenberg is the Northland Travel manager. She said that the agency’s multifaceted services in the past will continue. She explained that the Friendship Haven community is growing and Northland was a natural choice for her to move.

Strutzenberg stated that “we handle all their group tours and other things.” Our partnership has grown in the three years we have had a satellite office. They’re taking more and longer trips. It is much easier to go out with the group leader. Apart from the Friendship Haven group departures, we do a lot more travel for their residents. We were thinking it would be great if we could do it full-time.

Northland Travel can be reached by patrons via Friendship Haven’s main entry. Parking is available for visitors.

Strutzenberg stated, “When you enter the main entrance that says welcome center you will go left down the hallway and we are the first office to the right.”

Northland Travel does a lot for Friendship Haven Travel Club residents.

Strutzenberg stated that when they first started, they did mostly coach tours and day trips to nearby destinations. They now do multiday trips. They also do day trips. They used to only do one cruise per calendar year. They now do a lot more and have expanded their cruises. They will be flying a group to Boston in October, and then taking train travel with the fall colors.

Friendship Haven residents are not the only ones who can take advantage of Northland’s tours for Friendship Haven’s Travel Club.

“Other people can sign up too,” Strutzenberg said. The Travel Club is open to both residents and non-residents. The Travel Club is free to join.

A wide Range of Services

Northland Travel can handle all your leisure travel planning needs. No matter what destination the client is interested in, Northland Travel can provide expert advice and guidance.

Strutzenberg stated, “We do both international and domestic travel.” It’s a mixture.

While individual travel is an important part of the company’s agenda, the company also offers a variety of group tours. A major focus is motor coach travel to a variety of destinations across the country.

Strutzenberg stated that there are four planners and guides who work from their homes. They mainly focus on group activities. Most of them travel in motor coaches to the United States. An international guide will also be flying internationally.

Northland Travel can provide expert advice and guidance, regardless of the destination.


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