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The red and gray silver wolf species are the most well-known. There is some debate about the number of species of wolf and whether there are subspecies of gray wolf. A lesser-known canid that lives in Ethiopia’s highlands, Canis simensis, is also thought to be a close relative of the gray wolf.

Scientific Classification of Silver Wolf

Taxonomy is the process of classifying all living things. Based on their common ancestry and similarities, living things can be divided into different categories.

Scientific Naming of Silver Wolf

Each living thing on Earth has a unique scientific title. It consists of two Latin words, which are always in italicized. The first letter of a name’s first part, the genus or species, is capitalized by the writer. The scientific name of the gray wolf is Canis Lupus. This system of naming is known as binary nomenclature. It is used all over the globe and allows people to speak the same language about the same species. Sometimes scientific names are descriptive and provide insight into the relationship between two species.

Common Names

Common names, unlike scientific names, are not always unique and can vary by culture and geography. A gray wolf that lives in a socks for cats forest might be called “timber wolf”, while a gray one living on the tundra might go by the name of “tundra wolf”.


There are 35 living species in the canid family. North America is home to eight of these species. These North American species include the gray silver wolf and red silver wolf as well as coyotes, red-foxes (red foxes), gray foxes (kit foxes), swift foxes (arctic foxes) and coyotes. There are three main categories for the eight species: coyotes, foxes and silver wolf.

The largest member of the canid canid family is the silver wolf. This is the species that our pets dogs are derived from. Silver wolves were once among the most widespread wild terrestrial mammals. They used to inhabit most of the land in the northern half of the hemisphere. They now only occupy about two-thirds their former range globally and only 5-8% of the contiguous 48 United States because of human persecution.

There are many habitats and climates where silver wolves can be found. These habitat variations can be seen in the morphology or physical characteristics of gray silver wolves living in different areas. These habitat thanksgiving cats differences can sometimes distinguish types or subspecies of gray silverwolf from one another.


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