Soul Dog Rescue: helps people and pets on Colorados

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It can be difficult to live on a Native American reservation. Shelby Davis, creator of Soul Dog Rescue, says that sometimes it can be difficult for people to even survive.

Shelby was working for large animal rescue groups and became aware of the severe challenges that life on the reservation presented. Shelby was told by a friend who lives near the Navajo and Hopi tribal reservations in Colorado that there are no animal clinics.

Shelby says that animals are often more than james plumbing just companions to the native people living there. They help their herds. These areas are prone to high levels of crime, so dogs can help people stay safe. Cats can also be helpful in pest control.

Although these animals are an integral part of reservation life they were not available to residents of Colorado.

Shelby quit working for the large rescue groups and started Soul Dog Rescue nine years ago. Her team of volunteers and Shelby offer basic veterinary care, spay and neuter, and vaccinations to all animals living on reservations.

Group offers much-needed services Soul Dog Rescue

Soul Dog was founded in order to stop unwanted litters from happening. Soul dog rescue began to offer adoptions.

Soul Dog has been able to offer free spay/neuter services thanks to grants and donations (such as the PetSmart Charities grant).

Shelby states that people will still make a donation. Shelby says that some people go beyond what we ask for, and will give more than the $15 or $10 they have to pay. As a thank you gesture, some bring food to the shelter. They are incredible. They are devoted to their pets and want to take good care of them.

“Just find one area and start”

Shelby acknowledges the enormity of the work ahead, even though they are a small organization.

She says, “But there are so much moments that keep us all moving.” People tell us that they are happy to see less bond plumbing supply dead dogs along the road. The animal control intake has dropped by more than half and the euthanasia rates for dogs have fallen by more than half. She says that animals once covered in ticks or mange by elderly people are beautiful and healthy now.”

“The problems are not too difficult to solve. It’s easy to find one problem and then work your way up.

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