SuperCare Health: renews its long-term capitated


Optum Health Renews its Long-Term Capitated Contract With Super Care Health

Downey, CA: SuperCare Health, a leading provider of home medical and respiratory services for the management and treatment of high-risk patients at home in the west, has renewed its Optum contract as a provider to its members in Southern California. This renewal consolidates the partnership between the two healthcare organisations to improve patient care and financial outcomes.

We are grateful that Optum extended our contract. This will strengthen our long-term partnership with Optum. It will also bring more innovative solutions such as our COVID-19 Telemonitoring and iBreathe programs. These programs can drive positive patient outcomes for patients with chronic conditions,” said John Cassar, CEO of SuperCare Health. “Optum is a leader in many of the innovative care management strategies SuperCare Health developed to help patients manage their diseases and save money for hospitals and other health systems.

SuperCare Health quickly created a COVID-19 Telemonitoring program for Optum. This allows patients who have been affected by COVID-19 to recover at home, which makes it easier for them to provide care for more people with more serious infections. The program provided oxygen therapy, remote monitoring equipment, and support for respiratory therapists to patients who were referred. SuperCare Health’s Respiratory Team monitored patients’ health and escalated critical situations to the patient’s care team when necessary. Post-program surveys showed that 100% of patients who enrolled in this program felt better able manage their health.

Optum and SuperCare Health also collaborated in an IRB-approved clinical study for high-risk COPD sufferers. This trial examined whether a Super Health care management program for COPD patients could reduce hospitalizations. SuperCare Health’s iBreathe program was validated as an efficient and effective intervention. It reduced all-cause hospital admissions in the area by 37.5 percent, and decreased total COPD hospitalizations in the area by 48 percent. SuperCare Health was the only HME to have an IRB-approved study that showed health plan savings up to $1.2million with only 250 patients enrolled.

SuperCare Health is the most prominent provider of in-home care for patients suffering from COPD, CHF and COVID-19. They offer a high-touch, in-home approach and cutting-edge equipment. SuperCare was awarded capitated and preferred contracts based upon its positive clinical outcomes and financial results. They offer a wide range of therapies including oxygen, CPAP/BiPAP and ventilation.