The Best CAD Schools


The Best CAD Schools: Guide To Your Computer Aided Drawing Certification

You are interested in learning CAD? Are you looking for AutoCAD classes? Are you looking for the best CAD schools to get your AutoCad certification?

We’ll help you figure it out, or partially, and guide you step-by-step into the world of CAD school.

Why should you learn CAD?

Autodesk’s world-famous AutoCAD software was released in 1999. This revolutionized our ability to automate almost any aspect of design. Millions of businesses have seen a leap in efficiency thanks to computer-aided drafting. CAD software allows engineers, designers, and drafters to create projects at a fraction the time it took in the past, when everyone used pen and paper. CAD gives them a common platform from which they can dig into every detail of any project and solve any problems.

Are you interested in CAD School? How to become a computer-aided designer…

To become a CAD designer you want, you will need to put in some effort, money, and time. You will find CAD classes and courses at most colleges and universities. These institutions often offer a CAD certificate (or AutoCad certified) or an associate degree program.

There are some things to be aware of when choosing a CAD school

When you are looking for a quality degree or inventor certification, and making a list for the best CAD Schools to choose among, this is what you need to look for: All CAD programs and courses must include hands-on use of AutoCAD and related programs. Practical training and application must be incorporated into classroom lectures. You should not add the school to your wish list if you don’t find it in the curriculum.

Also, ensure that the CAD schools that you are considering maintain high standards in regards to their software and hardware. To ensure that the school is competent and dedicated to offering the best education experience, make sure they are up-to-date with the latest software and hardware versions.

What should a good curriculum for CAD courses look like? They may vary from one school to another, depending on how long and deep your CAD program is, but a solid curriculum should include courses such as:

  • Engineering Design
  • Technical Design
  • Composition and development
  • Computer Aided Drafting: The Basics
  • Design in a Three Dimensional Space
  • Elements of CAD Graphics
  • Basics of 2D Autocad
  • Manufacturing modeling
  • Advanced 2D CAD Techniques
  • AutoCAD 3-D Modeling
  • Survey of CAD
  • SolidWorks Analysis and Application Modules
  • Design and modeling of mechanisms
  • Advanced CAD Techniques and Three-Dimensional (3D), Modeling
  • Design Geometry
  • Current developments in CAD Technology

We created a list of top CAD schools based on our analysis to make your life easier. You can add this list (if you wish) to your CAD resource guide.