Top Features Every GPS Car Tracker Must Have


You’ve been contemplating getting a GPS car tracking device for your vehicle and are now ready to make the leap. A car tracking of company cars can be one of your best investments in vehicle care. The trackers offer many benefits. You need a better way to protect your vehicle and ensure its safety, given the rise in vehicle crime. A GPS car trackometer is a great tool to help you do this. It can also help increase the chances of your vehicle being recovered in the event that it is stolen.

Great Technology

You want to make sure the system you choose has the best technology (GPS or GSM), and can provide real-time tracking. It should be simple to use the technology, from installation to tracking your car with your smartphone. If you’re considering purchasing a GPS car tracker, make sure to research the technology and learn about its features to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

Monitoring Capabilities

The GPS car tracker must be able to track your vehicle from any location. It should also provide accurate and real-time tracking so that you can always see where your car is. Some systems allow professional monitoring, but this is not always required. You can monitor the vehicle from any device you have access to, as long as it is accessible via your smartphone or computer.

It’s easy to use

When choosing a GPS car tracker, another important aspect to consider is its ease of use. It is important to avoid choosing a difficult or costly option to install into your car. You also want the app you use to track your car to be easy to understand and navigate. A difficult-to-use or insufficiently detailed app will not be used often. It should be easy to set up and use.

Notifications and Alerts

You should not allow the GPS car tracker to be passive or rely on you monitoring your car for safety. It should instead be able to send you notifications and alerts directly to your smartphone, so that you are always aware of any changes to the car. The tracker should notify you if the car is vibrating, which could indicate that someone has attempted to steal the car. If the engine is starting, you should be notified. You should also receive an alert when the vehicle begins to move.

Trip History

The ability to view the trip history is another useful feature, regardless of whether the GPS car tracker is for personal or business use. If you are unable to track the vehicle’s drivers through the app, this will allow you to see their trip history.

This is why it might be helpful. You can track where your teen driver has been. For example, if they claim they were at a friend’s house but suddenly you have more miles on the car. You can check if delivery drivers or service drivers aren’t making their appointments on time. This feature can be used in many different ways.

A Quality Brand

It is a smart idea to pick a trusted brand like CarLock when choosing your GPS car tracker. There are many options available, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they all have the same quality. A brand that provides high-quality trackers that last long and are durable is a good choice. A brand that offers great customer service and a great app is also important.